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Information Technology

Information Technology is very important to us at Susanville School District. We have computer labs at each site, as well as computers in every classroom.  Our students begin learning how to use a computer when they are in Kindergarten, and they continue using them throughout their tenure in our schools.  The students are taught how to type, use the internet, and the terms for the computers components.

During their career at Susanville School District, the students learn how to use Microsoft Word,    Excel, Publisher, and Power Point while completing tasks for their subjects.  Students also have  the opportunity to learn over the internet watching videos via United Streaming by the Discovery Channel.  As technology continues to be a greater part of our lives, we are making it a greater part of our children's education.

As fun and useful as computers can be, we at Susanville School District also know that computers must be safe.  We strive to prevent all unsavory internet content from reaching our students.  We employ content filtering, staff members to monitor, and we provide instruction on how to avoid negative situations while on the internet.


Student Internet Use Agreement                                

Susanville School District Technology Plan